- Handling


Elizabeth has handled for friends and clients for over 20 years, having shown breeds from five of the seven AKC groups.  These are some of the dogs that Elizabeth currently handles, or has handled in the past. 




2015 DPCA Winners Dog, 2015 DPCA Best Puppy, Group winner...
GCh Legendale Abound of Goldgrove

Bounder picked up his first point the first weekend he was out.  His next stop was the 2015 DPCA regional and National show where he won his large 6-9 month black dog regular class at both shows, and went on to be awarded Winners Dog at the National show, and Best Puppy!

My thanks to Sharon Pflueger for entrusting this rambunctious boy to me for his show training and handling!

By: Ch Goldgrove Stop Traffic x Ch Goldgrove Miracle Whip

Bred By:  Lana Ferguson and Sharon Pflueger

Owned By:  Sharon Pflueger and Lana Ferguson







FLASH!  January 2016- On the first day of the Florida circuit, Bounder goes Winners Dog to finish his AKC championship!
FLASH! December 2016- Bounder takes a Group 1 at the Winston-Salem NC shows!






Bounder moving at 9 months.







MBISS GCh Charbon's Cindarella Goldspun Rauschund CGC, WAC
AKC Silver Grand Champion, Multi Group winner

Elizabeth has had the pleasure of showing Cinda at two DPCA Nationals, including to this Award of Merit win at the 2015 National Regional show.  Cinda is a showing machine who never quits!

By: GCh Sharjet's Hard Spun CD, RN, ROM x Rauschund Lupus Journi Marquis

Owned By:  Carol Carino








FLASH!  October 2016- Cinda and Elizabeth repeat in 2016 at the National Regional Show, earning an award of merit under breeder-judge Steve Schorr!




CH Caleb's Defender of Faith and Glory
2016 DPCA Futurity Best Puppy winner

I had the pleasure of taking 'Mr Bean', who I had just met that morning, into the ring win his DPCA National 9-12 Black Puppy Dog class and then on to Best Puppy in Futurity.  The next day he again won his sweepstakes class, and then took third in his regular class. 

By: GCHS Perfex Canis Major & Caleb's Redemption Song RN CGC

Bred by: Laura Jones, Darlynn Oberg & Sandra Dudek

Owned by:  Jennifer Depietro, Laura Jones & Anthony Depierto




Goldgrove Cloud Computing (AKC ptd- both majors)

At 6 months 2 weeks, Tekki picked up back-to-back 5 point majors!

By: GCHB Legandale Abound of Goldgrove x GCHS Goldgrove Namaste

Bred By:  Kimberly Noel, Carol O'Brien and Sharon Pflueger

Owned By:  Monica Farabee and Sharon Pflueger







Radiant Lady Waterford of Demira (AKC ptd)

Clare is pictured winning at the Atlanta shows in October 2017.

By: Gch Ch O's Godiva Dark Demitasse RN CA DM AJ-Gch Ch Van Orman's C-Lebrity Of Radiant CAA DSA

Bred by: MaryAnn Byrns and Colleen Byrns

Owner: Deborah Rateau





Stonewood's Georgia Girl v Andress (AKC ptd)
Multiple Best Puppy in Specialty winner

Gigi is a adorable red bitch with a loving and happy attitude.

By: Ch Stonewood's Black Blaze x Ch Stonewood's Twilight Esmae

Bred by: Ronald Rutledge

Owned by:  William Simpson

FLASH! May 2017- Gigi goes Best of Opposite over 2 bitch specials!





CH Goldgrove Be On The Lookout

Bolo finished in only three weekends with four major wins!

By: Ch Goldgrove Believe It Or Not - Goldgrove Ayurveda Tolivar.

Bred by: Sharon Pflueger and Tammy Rabold

Owned by:  Christopher & Ann Letterman and Sharon Pflueger

FLASH! June 2017- Bolo takes 9 points with both majors his second weekend out!
FLASH! July 2017- In his third weekend out, Bolo takes back to back majors to finish his AKC championship!






Dunrovin Red Rebel

The first time in the ring, Hennessee went Winners for 2 pts under respected judge, Barbara Alderman!

By: GCh Cha-Rish Cerberus Guard of Dunrovin x Ch Cha-Rish N Dunrovin Afternoon Delight

Bred by: Joann McHenry

Owned by:  Nancy Young of Dillon Dobermans

FLASH! July 2017- Hennessee picks up her first two points the first time she walks into the ring!





Connquest Riot (AKC ptd)

KK took WB for 2 points her first weekend out with Elizabeth.  She will come back out after she has had some time to mature.

By: GCHS Perfex Canis Major - Ch Connquest Audacious

Bred by: Theresa Connors-Chan & Gregory Chan

Owned by:  Jayne Isbell & Theresa Connors-Chan & Gregory Chan




Goldgrove Greatest Gift (AKC major ptd)


Kane hit the ground running, picking up points his first and second weekend out so far.

By: Goldgrove Barak Bashad Tolivar x Ch Goldgrove Gift From Heaven

Bred by: Sharon Pflueger

Owned by:  Brian Henderson & Sharon Pflueger

FLASH! November 2016- Kane picks up two points during his debut weekend!  Followed by 3 more singles his second weekend out!
FLASH! January 2017- After taking a couple of months off, Kane singles out at his next show.  Now he just needs his majors...
FLASH! February 2017- Kane picks up his first major at the Atlanta GA shows!






Kane on the move with Elizabeth!





Bel-Mar's Hell-Of-A-Storm v Thunder Struck (AKC major ptd)

In his second weekend out, Rambo takes Winners two out of four days for 6 points including a major!

By: Bel-mar's Revenge x A'monde's La Vie of Elaegance And Beauty

Bred by: Brenda Blanchard and Priscilla Bell

Owned by:  Steven Malsberger and Priscilla Bell




Ch Scotsbrae Supernatural

Out of the nine days Rowell made his debut, he was Winners four days for 7 points!

By: GCH Phillmar Superman - Scotsbrae Taylor Made

Bred by: Jeanne Ratliff & Joshua Ransom

Owned by:  Jeanne Ratliff

FLASH! May 2017- Rowell finishes his AKC championship!
FLASH! October 2017- Rowell wins his Futurity class at the 2017 DPCA National!






Kaliber's Moonshine (AKC major ptd)

Jack is a standard, square dog. He placed in all three of his classes at the 2017 DPCA Regional and National show.

By: GCH Alpha's The Conquistador RA X GCH Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA, CGC

Bred by: Nancy Sodel and Sue Skoglund

Owned by:  Kenny & Stephanie Avera & Nancy Raffa Sodel

FLASH! August 2017- Stella goes Winners for a four point major at the Greensboro, NC shows!





Kaliber's Over the Moon (AKC major ptd)

Stella has only been shown sporadically while she matures.  She placed in all but one of her classes at the 2016 DPCA Regional and National show, and is pictured above going reserve to a 5 point major at the highly competitive 2017 January Florida circuit shows.  She also placed in all three of her classes at the 2017 DPCA Regional and National show.

By: GCH Alpha's The Conquistador RA X GCH Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA, CGC

Bred by: Nancy Sodel and Sue Skoglund

Owned by:  Nancy Sodel

FLASH! August 2017- Stella goes Winners for a four point major at the Greensboro, NC shows!






Aludra's Sugar Magnolia (AKC ptd- both majors)

Nola is a showing machine!

By CH Mick Rick Earth Wind and Fire x Aludra's Sugar Momma Blues.

Bred by:  Rebecca Roter

Owned by:  Linda Birch and Rebecca Roter

FLASH! November 2016- Nola takes a 3 point major!
FLASH! December 2016- Nola takes her second major!  She needs 4 singles to finish!






Ashtrick N Kettle Cove Wild Irish Rose

Lumen knocked my socks off with her performance at the 2016 DPCA National, placing 1st in her AmBred AOAC class at the Regional, and 2nd at the National!

By GCH Tiburon Arsenal & GCH Mystikos N Kettle Cove Celtic Love

Bred by:  Ashley Ring and Sharon Duval

Owned by:  Ashley Ring and Lindsay Crowe






Traditions Livin' La Vida Loca

Asked to take Lola into her class while her owner was busy competing in agility, I was thrilled to handle her to 1st place in the AmBred Black bitch class at the 2016 DPCA National!

By: GCH Phillmar Superman - GCH Rauschund's Stacked & Packed RN CGC

Bred by:  Sharon and Robert Bruno

Owner By:  Alexandria Schlosser Bullock and Carla Giroux






CH Goldgrove Mistletoe

Elizabeth showed Mistletoe to her majors and a few singles to finish her championship.

By: Ch Goldgrove Believe It Or Not x Ch Goldgrove Gift From Heaven

Bred By:  Sharon Pflueger

Owned By:  Sharon Pflueger







CH HQ Just In Time RATO, CGC

Fancy is a square, standard sized flurry of prey drive!  I had the pleasure of starting Fancy's show career with 6 points, including a major, before she went North to Dave and Jennifer Goldfein to finish her championship.

By: CH Tallyesyn Falcon's Fire - HQ Reign of Sheer Chaos

Bred By: Laurel Vail and Kaye Krueger

Owned By:  Jessica Garbe and Laurel Vail

FLASH!  December 2015- Fancy goes Winners for her first two points under breeder-judge Bob Vandiver!
FLASH!  January 2016- Fancy gets her first major on the tough Florida circuit!





GCH Traditions Javier Esposito

Having shown "Sookie" to her championship and Grand championship a few years ago (see further below), now I had the honor of showing her son "Javi" to his championship!

By: GCH Phillmar Superman - GCH Rauschund's Stacked & Packed RN CGC

Bred and Owner By:  Sharon & Robert Bruno

FLASH!  November 2015- His second weekend out, Javier goes Winners Dog and Best of Breed at the Knoxville, TN shows for his first two points!
FLASH!  April 2016- Javier goes Winners for two points, and follows it up the next day by going Winners for a 3 pt major!  Two days later he earns his second major!
FLASH!  May 2016- Javier picks up his third major win to finish his championship!








Ch Briarwood Smooth Operator v Exacta

In his debut weekend in AKC conformation, Slick took back to back Winners for his first three points!  At the 2014 DPCA National, Slick placed in 4 of the 5 classes he was shown in!  Elizabeth put 7 singles on Slick and then his owner finished him up- congratulations Susan on a job well done!

By: Ch Briarwood Adagio V Exacta-Briarwood Demeter V Exacta

Bred By:  Susan Folkerth & Linda and Robert Duff  

Owned By:  Susan Folkerth & Linda and Robert Duff  






Ch Kaliber's Major League

In his ring debut Major picked up his first point, followed by a reserve the following day!  Two weeks later at the Doberman National, Major received the following honors:
Regional #1 6-9 mos Sweeps- 2nd of 12 (pictured right)
Regional #2 6-9 mos Sweeps- 2nd of 11
Regional #2 6-9 mos Regular Class- 4th of 12
Futurity 6-9 mos AOAC- 2nd of 10

By: Ch Cambria Out for Justice x GCh Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA, CGC

Bred By:  Nancy Raffa Sodel and Sue Skoglund 

Owned By:  Lisa Baxter, Elesa Sanders, Nancy Raffa Sodel and Sue Skoglund

FLASH!  October 2014- Fresh on the heels of his success at the DPCA National, Major picks up a four point major at the Atlanta, GA shows at 7 months and 1 day!  Two days later he picks up his second four point major!
FLASH!  November 2014- Major finishes his AKC Championship 2 days before his 8 month birthday with a third major!  His last 5 points came under breeder-judges Ann and Brad Dunn respectively.
FLASH!  May 2015- His first weekend out as a special since he finished six months earlier, Major earns the first point towards his Grand Championship!




CH Irongate's Lil' Bit Of Blarney

At the 2015 Doberman National, Harley placed 4th in her large AmBred class.  She placed 3rd of 15 in the previous year's National from the 6 -9 mos puppy class!  I started Harley out on her championship path by putting the first few singles on her.

By: Ch Irongate's Blackthorn x Irongate's Stillwater Moon

Bred By:  Eve Auch

Owned By:  Jill and Mike Parker and Eve Auch





Ch Kaliber's Casablanca

At the Doberman National, Bogey won his 6-9 mos Black dog Futurity class!

By: Ch Cambria Out for Justice x GCh Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA

Bred By:  Nancy Raffa Sodel and Sue Skoglund 

Owned By:  Belinda Heumann and Nancy Raffa Sodel

FLASH!  November 2014- Bogey is awarded Best Puppy in Show!
FLASH!  February 2015- Bogey takes back-to-back-to-back majors to finish his championship!





GCH Kaliber's Sound and the Fury

Caddy finished with four major wins, and finished her Grand Championship with seven major wins!

By: Ch Cambria Out for Justice x GCh Kaliber's Tennessee Waltz CAA

Bred By:  Nancy Raffa Sodel and Sue Skoglund 

Owned By:  Zack Eastman, Nancy Raffa Sodel and Sue Skoglund







FLASH!  February 2016- Caddy picks up her first major towards her championship!
FLASH!  April 2016- Caddy goes Winners Bitch at the DPC Charlotte specialty for two points!
FLASH!  April 2016- The following weekend Caddy picks up her second major win!
FLASH!  June 2016- Caddy earns back-to-back majors to finish her championship!
FLASH!  September 2016- Caddy earns her Grand Championship!






Ch Tobil's Once Upon a Dream

There's nothing like showing a breed that always has mischief up its sleeve!
So it was a double pleasure to help fellow handler, Cathy Shott, pick up Cassie's
second major win when she needed extra hands on deck.

By:  Ch Tobil's How's That Working For You x GCh Tobil's Dreams Will Come True

Bred and Owned By:  Cathy Shott & Andrew Anglin






Ch Schohaus Key To Dominion v Thunderhaus WAC

I had the pleasure of showing Justice as a special at the 2014 and 2015 DPCA Nationals and preceding regionals.

By: GCh Protocol's Ordo Ab Chao x GCh Allure Envy Me Royalwood v Schohaus

Bred By:  John and Lori Schoeneman and Carmen Pitts 

Owned By:  Bob and Lynne Sizemore







Ch Gargoyle's Call Me Gorgeous

I had the honor of showing Dogue de Bordeaux, Gimzo, to the last point she needed for her AKC Championship.

By: U.R.I. Grandes Alain - Ch Rising Star's IL Contessa De Gargoyle

Bred By:  Vickie & Paul Saez

Owned By:  Sherry Schiro







GCh Sharjets Hard Spun CD, RN, TDI, CGC, ROM

Ashton came out to play in the conformation ring again in the 7-9 year old veteran classes at the 2014 and 2015 DPCA National and Regionals.  He showed everyone that he still knows how to strut his stuff!

I also had the pleasure of showing his fire cracker of a daughter, GCh Charbon's Cindarella Goldspun Rauschund WAC in Best of Breed competition.  Thank you Carol for a fun week with your two kids!

By: Ch Finika's Z Man v Delmar - Ch Sharjets Starr Attraction CD, RN, ROM

Bred By:  Sharon Marinelli and Sally Kapp

Owned By:  Carol Carino






Ch Blackjack's N Dillon's Steel Blue Lighting

I had the opportunity to show this wonderful blue dog to his third of fourth majors at the Atlanta DPC specialty.  Boomer is a half brother to GCh Dillon's Zipper Ripper seen further below on this page.

By: Ch Blackjack's Red Sword of Camelot - Dillon's Stoke Of Midnight

Bred By:  Nancy Young and Susan Rochester

Owned By:  Jayne Isbell and Nancy Young





Briarwood Steamy Window v Exacta (AKC ptd)

Stella is a bitch with a great sense of humor, and gives it her all in the ring.

FLASH!  January 2014- Stella goes WB at the Ladson, SC shows!

By: Briarwood's Draco V Exacta-Briarwood Talkin' Up A Storm

Bred By:  Linda Duff & Robert Duff

Owned By:  Susan Folkerth & Linda & Robert Duff







2013 GPCA National Best of Breed Winner and Group Placer...
GCh Windamir's Dajavu Ganymede

DeDe is a kliedoscope of all the traits that make German Pinschers unique- a cuddle bunny by night, a rough and tumble tom-boy when playing with the adult Dobermans, a gentle nanny with the Doberman puppies, a fierce competitor in the show ring and a clown that keeps me smiling and laughing.

FLASH! November 2013- DeDe wins Best of Breed at the German Pinscher National!  Her daughter went Winners Bitch at the same National, and her son was Best of Breed at the specialty the following day!

By:  GCh Dark Angels Aden Red Energy x Ch CH Windamir Vogue Des Charmettes

Bred By:  Sharon Morgan, Deidre Gannon and Kathy Dorwart

Owned By:  Sharon Morgan and Kathy Dorwart






GCh Dillon's Zipper Ripper

Asked to fill in for his owner-handler who had injured her knee, Elizabeth handled Zeus to two out of four Best of Breeds over a Top 20 special, and on to a Group 4 as well! 

By:  Ch Blackjack's Red Sword Of Camelot-Dillon's Midnight Liberty

Bred By:  MaryLou & Harold Yeager & Nancy L Young

Owned By:  Al Rayburn & Nancy L Young

FLASH!  January 2014- Zeus picks up two Best of Breeds and a Group 2!
FLASH! February 2014- Zeus earns his Grand Championship!







Scotsbrae I Hope You Dance ATT (AKC pointed- both majors)

Elfie has been hanging out at home growing up.  In her debut weekend with Elizabeth, she went Winners over 20 bitches for a major!

By:  Ch Scotsbrae By Faberge' x Ch Scotsbrae Tigress Woods

Bred and Owned by:  Jeanne Ratliff and Joshua Ransom

FLASH!  December 2013- Elfie hits pay-dirt again for her second major at the Winston-Salem, NC shows!



Ch Brierpatch's Last Hoorah


Buck is a goofy, sweet boy who loves everybody and everything!  I was fortunate enough to be able to show Buck to his final major to finish his AKC championship.  He will now go on to training in obedience and rally with his owner, Betsy.

By:  Brierpatch's Bravo V Exacta x By Design Whirlaway

Bred by:  Tonja Chiles

Owned by:  Wesley E Wadkins & Mary E (Betsy) Wadkins





GCh Rauschund's Stacked and Packed



Sookie is well named- the total package!  At her first National, she took the following honors:
     12-18 month AOAC, Regional- 3rd place
     12-15 month AOAC, Futurity- 4th place
     12-18 month AOAC, National- 1st place and Reserve Winners Bitch in an entry of 132 bitches

What a thrill it has been to show Sookie- thank you Sharon!






FLASH!  April 2013- Sookie takes the Concord, NC shows by storm, winning back-to-back-to-back majors!  These three wins, which included nods from Michelle Billings and breeder-judge Skip Thielen, finished Sookie's championship!

FLASH!  November 2013- Sookie retires from the conformation ring with back to back Best of Breed wins!  She will be working on titles at the end of her name now with her owner, Sharon Bruno.

By:  GCH Rauschund's Aquila Marquis x Ch Rauschund N Fabert Beau Bisou.

Bred By:  Carole Havener & Francoise Allard & Robert Brousseau

Owner: Sharon & Bob Bruno, Hebron, KY 




Ch Rauschund's Draconis of Autumn

Elizabeth had the opportunity to handle Draco at his conformation debut during the 2012 DPCA National.  He placed 3rd in his 12-18 month class of 8.  This handsome young dog has a bright future ahead of him.

By:  GCH Rauschund's Aquila Marquis x Ch Rauschund N Fabert Beau Bisou.

Bred By:  Carole Havener & Francoise Allard & Robert Brousseau

Owned By:  Anthony Venetta & Heather Venetta, Powell, OH





Ch Nevar's Quazer

Patrick is a German Pinscher.  In his debut weekend, having just turned 6 months old that week, Patrick picked up 11 points in just 3 days- twice going Best of Breed over several specials for 5 point majors!  I have the honor of training and showing Patrick for Frank and Eileen Schenck who I have shown Dobermans for in the past (CH Cambria's Irish Rebellion, CH Nova's Zhivago v Kelview and CH Scotsbrae Yekaterina V Nova - all seen further down on this page). 

By:  GCh Darkangels Aden Red Energy-Ch Ravenred Annie Oakley

Bred by:  Lyn Stuby, Nevar German Pinschers

Owned by:  Frank and Eileen Schenck, and Lyn Stuby






GCH Schohaus MacArthur's Mien

Mac was all boy- with heavy bone, short back, smooth movement and a masculine head piece.  Elizabeth specialed Mac to his Grand Championship.

By:  2009 DPCA Best of Opposite Winner Ch Wildfire Skyyehawk V Allure x Schohaus Lady Of Faith (AKC ptd)

Bred by:  John and Lori Schoeneman - Schohaus Dobermans

Owned by:  Bob and Lynne Sizemore





CH Bar-N's Peach Blossom

Peach is well named!  Coming off the farm at 16 months of age, having ever only been used to goats, llamas and other Bostons, Peach went to her first dog show weekend a mere three days later.  At that show she went Winners twice for 2 pts and a 4 pt major, as well as Reserve to another major! 

By:  By CH Bar-N's Double O Seven x Classis's CoCo Loco Beaulaid

Bred by:  Richard Nix

Owned by: Richard Nix and Elizabeth Barrett

FLASH!  December 2010- Peach finishes her championship, going WB four out of the last five times in the ring!




CH Nevar's Karma 

No, Karmie is not a little Doberman- she is a German Pinscher.  Now that she has finished her championship, she will be training in performance events with her owner Martha Reichold of Huntsville, AL.

By:  Ch Xitamiz Moltaz x Ch Riward's Riptide Of Nevar

Bred by:  F Lynann Stuby

Owned by: Martha Reichold & Diane Varner




CH Scotsbrae Yekaterina V Nova  

Katya is the newest addition to the Nova household, sired by DPCA Top 20 finalist CH Nova's Zhivago v Kelview who Elizabeth showed and finished.  She is a cute redhead with beautiful neck into shoulders and head piece.  My thanks to Frank and Eileen Schenck for entrusting me with another of their lovely dogs.

By:  Ch Nova's Zhivago v Kelview x Scotsbrae Remember

Bred by:  Jeanne Ratliff

Owned by:  Eileen and Frank Schenck and Jeanne Ratliff

FLASH!  March 2011- Katya collects her last major under breeder-judge Ann Dunn to finish her AKC Championship!




AKC/UKC-CH Lyndobe's Jolly Roger

Roger isn't just another handsome face, he is certified as a Narcotics detection dog as well as in air scenting & wilderness live-find work.  He lives with his hard-working owner, Anna Allen, in Slidell, LA.  Elizabeth had the pleasure of showing Roger to several of his singles points.

By:  Am./Can. CH/U-GRCH Cambria's Caped Crusader Am./Can. CD, ROM
  x UKC-CH Lyndobe's Tell It All Tally CD, WAC

Bred by:  Lynn Thomas & Lynne A Coleman

Owned by:  Anna M Allen - Bravo-Zulu Dobermans






Ch Scotsbrae by Fabergé ATT

Ilia is the litter brother to Katya, seen above.  A very happy boy, with a lovely front assembly.  Thanks to Jeanne Ratliff for the opportunity to handle Ilia at the 2010 DPCA National.

By:  Ch Nova's Zhivago v Kelview x Scotsbrae Remember

Bred by:  Jeanne Ratliff

Owned by:  Jeanne Ratliff and Joshua Ransom







CH Stonewood's Black Blade

In a very short weekend, I showed Blade to his last point for his championship.  My thanks to Jim and Ann White (who were responsible for the remainder of Blade's points) for referring Ron to me.

By:  Ch Alex De Akido San - Mikadobe's Dance To The Music

Bred and owned by:  Ron and Karen Rutledge





GCH Beowulf Jackie-O Happylegs

Jackie-O is a fun loving Bullmastiff with a great finish to her head and lovely top line.   She finished with a bang- going WB for three majors in one weekend.  I had the pleasure of handling Jackie-O to her championship, and then on to her Grand Championship.

By:  Ch Happyleg's Carly's Simon - Ch Beowulf Betting On Cohutta

Bred and Owned by:  Jenny Baum & Chris Lezotte & Alan Kalter



CH Aquarius Raindancin' at Walamara WAC 
Best in Sweepstakes Winner

Aussie is standard sized with lots of bone and substance and a lovely head and expression.  Elizabeth put eleven points, including his first major on Aussie, and Diego Garcia finished him up with two more majors.  Aussie is now "down under" - that is, living with his owners and DPCA members, Ian and Barbara Alexander of Walamara Dobermans in Australia.  Thanks to Jim Briley and Ian & Barbara Alexander for entrusting Aussie's care to us.

By:  CH Trotyl De Black Shadow x Ch Aquarius Black Rain

Bred By:  Jim Briley & Tanja Kellum & Ron Babics - Aquarius Dobermans

U.S. Agent/Handler:  Elizabeth Barrett - ADAMAS Dobermans


GCH Dillon's Evening the Odds Niklby CD, RA
Multiple Best of Breed winner, Best in Sweepstakes winner

"Cobby" finished at 17 months of age with multiple Best of Breed wins from the classes. 

Thank you to all the judges who recognized this handsome dog, and to Nancy Young for entrusting the  handling to his championship to me!

By:  CH Nova's Zhivago v Kelview x Niklby's Special Evening CD, RA, WAC

Bred and Owned by:  Nancy & Russell Young and Betty Cuzzolino.





CH Kaliber's Theatrical WAC

A powerful mover, Diva finished her championship with 3 majors.

By:  CH Kaliber's Flagship CGC x CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC

Bred and Owned by:
Nancy Raffa-Sodel
Kaliber Dobermans





Multi BISS CH Kaliber's Sunday Silence, CGC
2007 DPCA Best of Winners

Major pointed from the 6-9 class, Sunny finished in style by going WB/BOW at the 2007 DPCA Nationals! 

By: Four-time BISS CH ADAMAS Ricochet RN, AX, AXJ, ROM x CH Horizon's Vista of Kaliber CGC

Bred and Owned by: 
Nancy Raffa-Sodel

Kaliber Dobermans

Co-owned by: Elizabeth Barrett - ADAMAS Dobermans




BISS Am/Int'l CH Caja's I've Got Rhythm
#8 Boston Terrier (2000)
Four-time BTCA AOM winner

This lovely bitch was a Boston Terrier Club of America's National 4 time Award of Merit winner, Best in Specialty Show winner, multi Group placer and Morris/Essex Best of Breed winner. Ethel finished as the # 8 Boston (Breed) in the country for 2000-- quite an accomplishment since she only began her specials career in July and had to forgo many weekends of showing while Elizabeth was elsewhere at agility trials!

By CH Caja's Maestro x CH Tom-Son's AJ's Little Gee CD 
Breeder: Cynthia Westhoelter
Owners: J Richard Nix and M Jean Craig -- Watkinsville, Georgia




CH Bar-N's Miss Gotrox

Lil was shown to her championship by Elizabeth, and finished under the esteemed judge, Michelle Billings.

At the 2002 BTCA Nationals, Lil won 2nd in the Host Club show Sweepstakes class of 20+.  She was 2nd again in the BCTA's regular class of 20.  

By Award of Merit winner CH Bar'N's Prince Phillip
x Four-time BTCA Award of Merit winner BISS AM/Int'l CH Caja's I've Got Rhythm (seen above).

Bred by:  J Richard Nix and M Jean Craig
Owned by:  Elizabeth Barrett and J Richard Nix





CH Bar-N's Classic Bill Cody

Cody is the son of "Lil", and grandson of "Ethel" seen above on this page.  He was shown to his championship by his breeder/owners Elizabeth Barrett and Richard Nix.

By CH Bar-N's Double O Seven x CH Bar'N's Miss Gotrox

Bred and Owned by:  J Richard Nix and Elizabeth Barrett



CH Tarawood's Law & Order

Elizabeth was thrilled to handle this handsome Rough Collie to a Group 3 in Montgomery, AL. 

Thanks to Ed and Fran McNamee for this opportunity!

By:  Tarawood's Book-Um x Creekwood Wilshire Ruffles
Bred and Owned By:  Ed and Fran McNamee



CH Ramnes Unreal Zeal 

Logan finished his AKC championship at one year and one week of age.  He is shown going Best of Breed over specials from the 6-9 month puppy class.  He placed in all of his classes at the 2005 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States National as well as its preceding all breed shows. He is a smooth dog with a beautiful head and lovely movement.

Logan was shown to all his championship points by Elizabeth

By:  Ch Globe's Daredevil Of Lyonvelt OA OAJ HIC x Ch Aegis Going For Gold HIC

Owned by:
Tammy McGill
Ramnes Ridgebacks

Bred by: Jilyn Myers & Erin Coogan & Donald Flynn



Rio Chows

Elizabeth has had the pleasure of assisting Amy Young of Rio Chows to countless wins with her rough and smooth Chow Chows.

For more information on this outstanding breeder, go to RioChows.



Am/Int'l CH. Hadar Ha’aretz Kramer

Kramer was a superb example of correct Canaan Dog type. The first weekend Elizabeth handled Kramer against competition, he took a 3, 4 and 5 point major as well as two Best of Breed wins. Kramer finished 2000 as the #2 Canaan (breed) in the Country and won a Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit two years in a row!   He was also the first Canaan Dog to go Best of Breed at the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba Classic.  To learn more about this interesting breed, Click Here!

By CH Shvatim Confidence x HaAretz Gimel Wafie
Bred by: Christie Collins and Bryna Comsky and Jerry Collins
Owners: Marian Goldberg -- Roswell, Georgia




CH. Beowulf Glory Girl, CD, MX, AXJ, AXP, XJP, PDI, NAC, RACS, CGC, TT, HIT, WDX, ROM

Glory proved the versatility of the Bullmastiff breed! During her heyday, she was one of the top ranked Bullmastiffs in the country in agility.

Glory was primarily shown by her breeder/owner Jenny Baum, but was occasionally teamed up with Elizabeth.  It was this teaming that generated Glory's last leg for her AXJ title.

Breeder/Owner:  Jenny Baum,  Atlanta, Ga
Beowulf Bullmastiffs




CH Cambria's Irish Rebellion

Asked to take Patrick into the ring to give him his first ring experience prior to the 2002 DPCA National, Elizabeth was thrilled to help Patrick earn his first major (pictured right)!  A few weeks later at the National, Patrick won his large 6-9 mos black puppy class in Futurity, and his littermates also figured largely in the placements throughout the week.

By:  CH Cambria's Cavalleria x CH Orion's Rasberry Beret
Bred By:  Ann White and Patrick Ryan
Owned at the time by:  Eileen and Frank Schenck




CH Nova's Zhivago v Kelview

Yuri is a handsome young male with lots of substance and attitude to spare.  At the Lexington, KY shows, Yuri picked up 11 points with 3 majors- all under breeder/judges!  Yuri went on to quickly finish his championship at 10 months of age handled exclusively in the classes by Elizabeth.

Thank you Frank and Eileen for the privilege of handling this outstanding dog!

By:  CH Cambria's Irish Rebellion
x DPCA and Westminster Best of Breed winner CH Nova's Zolara v Kelview
Bred by/Owned by:  Frank and Eileen Schenck and Colleen Nicholson




BIS/BISS CH Kaliber's Southern Gentleman AX, AXJ

Several years ago Elizabeth show trained Gent and showed him to his first major, single points and first two Best of Breed wins.

In 2004, with Gent now in the Veterans class, it was an honor to handle him to this latest BISS win at the Atlanta DPC specialty in an entry of over 90 Dobermans.

By:  CH Lexus Financial Burden x CH Horizon's No Mo Foolin' WAC (shown below)
Nancy Raffa-Sodel
Kaliber Dobermans



CH Horizon's No Mo Foolin' WAC

Kali was Nancy Raffa-Sodel's first show dog and the foundation for Nancy's kennel, Kaliber Dobermans.  Elizabeth located Kali for Nancy with breeder Linda George of Horizon Dobermans.  Elizabeth went on to show Kali to two of her three majors and her AKC championship.

Elizabeth and Kali made their last appearance together at the 2006 DPCA National in the Veterans Class, where 14 year old Kali strutted her stuff to a standing ovation.

By:  CH Brunswig's Crytonite x CH Cameron's Odessa v Horizon
Bred by:  Linda and Rick George
Nancy Raffa-Sodel
Kaliber Dobermans




CH Cambria's In Style Sandia

Elizabeth had the pleasure of showing Belle to her last points, and third major, for her AKC championship.  Belle is a Group winner.

By:  CH Cambria's Irish Rebellion x CH Laurenwood's Lady 'N Red V Sandia
Owned by:  Joyce Deupree