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AKC Conformation Champion, AKC Champion Tracker and AKC Master Agility Champion
Multi High Combined in Obedience Trial winner, Mulitple High in Trial winner
2017 DPCA Top 20 Obedience Finalist #6

By GCh Demira's Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RA, CA, ROM x GCH ADAMAS Shockwave CD, CA, RATS, ROM, BFL-1
Whelped 7/26/13



Dance is proving there is nothing he can't do!  ADAMAS' first dual champion male, he is competing in obedience, agility and tracking with owner and trainer extraordinaire, Kathy McLemore DVM of Texas.  In 2017 he teamed back up with Elizabeth to get his AKC Championship, earning both majors at specialty shows.

Dance is first and only Doberman in history to earn both an AKC Conformation Championship and an AKC Champion Tracker title, and is the only male Doberman in history to earn a triple AKC championship- in conformation, tracking and agility!

Dance is vWD Carrier, DCM1 Positive Heterozygous, DCM2 Positive Homozygous, DVDob (Dings) Normal, full and proper mouth, on thyroid supplement.




FLASH!  February 2014- Dances earns his Novice Jumpers title which qualifies him for the Versatile Companion Dog title!  Dance is ADAMAS' first VCD1 titled dog! 
FLASH!  June 2015- Dance earns his AKC Open Standard and Jumpers title, which qualifies him for his VCD2 title only 4 months from earning his VCD title!
FLASH!  April 2016- Dance earns his Utility Dog title!!
FLASH! July 2016- In the same week Dance earns two double QQs in agility towards his MACH title, gets his first UDX leg and snags a High Combined in Obedience Trial award! 





FLASH! January 2017- Dance celebrates January 1st by earning a VST (Varible Surface Tracking) title, thus qualifying him for the AKC's Champion Tracker (CT) title!
FLASH! March 2017- Dance takes back to back High in Trial awards!
FLASH! May 2017- Dance earns his UDX title (and a High Combined in Trial), following up the next day with his Dock Diving Junior title!  The same weekend, he went Winners Dog for the first two points towards his AKC championship!  The UDX also qualified him for the VCD4 title!
FLASH! July 2017- Dance picks up his first major under breeder-judge Betty Leininger at the DPC of Memphis specialty show! 
FLASH! July 2017- Dance gets his second major at the DPC of Greater Milwaukee to finish his championship!
FLASH! November 2017- Dance earns his third AKC championship- this time as a Master Agility Champion!



GCH Demira Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RA, CA, ROM
DPCA Bronze level Legacy Award recipient as an outstanding Producer
By DPCA Top 20 Finalist & DPCA AOM winner, BIS/BISS CH Primary Charlie Pride LC-11D (OFA Exc) x 2006 DPCA Winners Bitch CH Van Orman's Vanity of Demira (a CH Cambria's Cactus Cash daughter and litter-sister to 2005 DPCA Grand Prize Futurity winner)
Whelped 1/30/09






Tattoo has his own page on this website.  Please click on this link to go to that page:



Best in Sweepstakes and Best of Breed winner
By Multi BISS AKC/ MBIS UKC GrCH/ Int'l CH Talladega's American Thunder RN, OA, OAJ, NF, CL-3, CGC, ROM LC-10L x ADAMAS I.R.O.C., CD, RE, OA, OAJ, NF, WAC, LC-10D (AKC ptd)
Whelped 3/19/10




Bullet has a beautiful headpiece with underjaw, and a dark, almond eye.  He is short backed with heavy bone.  Bullet is owned by Dr. Rick and Irene Wilcox of Ada, Michigan.  He was shown to his championship by Jocelyn Mullins.  Bullet is proudly co-owned by Elizabeth.










Head shot taken May 2011 by Jim Lauver.








Bullet pictured gaiting at the 2011 DPCA National where he swept his classes, going first place at the Host Club and Regional shows from the Bred-By class with Elizabeth, and the National show from the American Bred class with Jocelyn Mullins.

Bullet is OFA Good, Echo abnormal for early stage DCM, started on medication (May 2016 at MSU Vet School), vWD Affected, PDK4 (DCM1) DNA Hetero Positive, DVDob (Dings) Carrier, BFL-1, with a full and correct mouth.  Bullet is not available for stud service due to his DCM diagnosis and treatment.


FLASH!  July 2016- Bullet earns his Rally Advanced title, scoring a first place for his final leg, and qualifying for his Register of Merit!
FLASH! November 2016- Bullet is recognized with the AKC's Therapy Dog Excellent title for having fulfilled a minimum of 200 therapy dog visits!






Gentle, patient and stable, Bullet is a certified therapy dog with over 200 recorded visits to his credit.  In this photo he is participating in a stress relief program for Michigan State University medical students during final exams. 

Bullet has visited a Veterans home, a home for troubled teens, a rehab hospital for children and adults, a Ronald McDonald House, many nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Saint Mary's Hospital where he provides support to visiting cancer patients and the Ruff Readers program for autistic children and children that have some developmental and/or difficulty reading .  Bullet's owners say that, "He really likes everyone, but he is absolutely crazy about kids."

Bullet was featured in July 2014 on the DPCA website for his therapy work.  Click here to see the feature.


GCH ADAMAS Gold Standard of Cameron WAC
Multi Best of Breed winner and Group Placer
By Ch Kaliber's Unforgettable CD x GCh ADAMAS Shockwave CD, CA, RATS, ROM, BFL-1
Whelped 8/24/12



Aurie was the only male in a litter of 8, but what a male he is turning out to be!  He is owned by Anne and Bill Stevens, and co-owned by Elizabeth.  Aurie finished at 14 months.  He is pictured right at two years old winning back to back select majors towards his Grand championship.

Aurie is OFA Good, PDK4 (DCM1) DNA Negative, Echo Normal (University of Georgia School of Vet Medicine, April 2016), Holter Monitor normal (-3- PVCs/24 hrs, Alba Medical, March 2016, Summary Page), vWD Carrier by parentage, DVDob "Dings" DNA Carrier, with a full and correct dentition.





FLASH!  March 2014- Aurie earns his Working Aptitude Certificate at 19 months! (Pictured left)

FLASH!  October 2014- At just over 2 years of age, Aurie makes two cuts at the DPCA National in Intersex competition, narrowing him down to one of the sixteen best champion males!

FLASH!  March 2015- Aurie earns his AKC Grand Championship title!


AKC/UKC Ch Mirabel Here We Go v ADAMAS
By GCh Protocol's Ordo Ab Chao x GCH ADAMAS Shockwave CD, CA, RATS, ROM, BFL-1
Whelped 5/31/14





Milo is a handsome, smooth boy who has a Best of Breed over multiple specials to his credit.  He finished at 11 months of age from the Bred By classes handled by his breeder Michelle Kramer of Mirabel Dobermans.  Milo finished in a flourish of back-to-back-to-back majors, two of which were specialty shows.  He is owned by Cory Eyink and Michelle Kramer, and was co-bred by Elizabeth.








Head study at 10 months.


Ch Mirabel Here's the Deal v ADAMAS
By GCh Protocol's Ordo Ab Chao x GCH ADAMAS Shockwave CD, CA, RATS, ROM, BFL-1
Whelped 5/31/14




Ryker charged out of the gate, earning a four-point major and two five-point majors in his first two weekends of showing, handled by Michael Sheppard.  He is owned by Rhonda A. Nickles, Norman B. Kenney and breeder, Michelle Kramer.  He was co-bred by Elizabeth.




Group placer

By GCh Demira's Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RA, CA, ROM x GCH ADAMAS Shockwave CD, CA, RATS, ROM, BFL-1
Whelped 7/26/13

Louie is a good natured boy who loves to blaze through the weave poles in agility!  He hopes to follow in the pawprints of his two house-sisters Reba and Shimmer to be a future DPCA Top 20 finalist.  He is owned by Judi and Chris Villano and proudly co-owned by Elizabeth.

Louie finished breeder/owner/handled with four majors, including a 5 point major at the competitive Eukanuba Classic cluster of dog shows in Orlando, FL.

Louie is vWD Carrier, DCM1 Pos Hetero, DCM2 Pos Hetero, Holter -0- PVCs/24 hrs (May 2016), DVDob Negative, with correct mouth.

FLASH!  April 2016- Louie earns his fourth major to finish his AKC Championship.  The same day, he aced the DPCA Working Aptitude Evaluation to also earn his Register of Merit!
FLASH! April 2017- Louie earns his Agility Excellent title!




Louie having fun!



By GCh Sharjets Starr Trackker WAC x Ch Encore’s Funny Girl v ADAMAS CD, CA, ROM
Whelped 4/17/15




Having just turned 7 months old, Foxtrot went to his first full weekend of shows.  He went Best of Winners two out of three days to earn 5 points including a major!  He finished at 17 months with four majors.  He is currently training in Rally.  Foxtrot is a dark red with dark eye.  He is short backed with clean movement.

Foxtrot is vWD Clear, DCM1/DCM2 Negative, Echocardiogram Negative (Feb 2017, UGA Vet School), DVDob (Dings) negative, with full and correct mouth.  UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis, Outlier Index 0.22, Avg Genetic Relatedness -0.08, Internal Relatedness 0.00.





FLASH!  January 2016- At 9 months Foxtrot captures his second major!
FLASH!  April 2016- Fox picks up a third major win under breeder-judge Philip Martin at the DPC Charlotte specialty!
FLASH! September 2016- Foxtrot earns his fourth major under breeder-judge Robert Vandiver to finish his championship!  The following day as a move-up he was awarded Select Dog for a 5 point major and competition win towards his Grand Championship!
FLASH! October 2016- Foxtrot earns a second and third 5 point major towards his Grand Championship by taking back-to-back Best of Breed wins at the Marietta, GA shows! Photo left.
FLASH! February 2017- Foxtrot earns his Coursing Ability title!
FLASH! July 2017- Foxtrot earns her DPCA Working Ability Certificate!


By Multi BISS AKC/ MBIS UKC GrCH/ Int'l CH Talladega's American Thunder RN, OA, OAJ, NF, CL-3, CGC, ROM, LC-10L x CH ADAMAS Solar Storm NAP, RN
Whelped June 24, 2014




Rush is a handsome boy with heavy bone and pleasing head/expression.  He finished with three four-point majors, receiving his last 3 wins for 8 points (and 2 reserves) on the historic January Florida circuit.  He lives with Carol and John Witt in Wesley Chapel, Fl and ADAMAS Gold Rush MX, MXJ.  He is training in obedience and agility.

Rush is vWD Clear, Black #3, DCM1 and DCM2 Positive Homozygous, DVDob Negative by parentage, with a correct mouth.





Rush is pictured right January 2017.

FLASH! April 2016- Rush earns back to back 4 point majors at the competitive Perry, GA shows!
FLASH!  January 2017- In 9 days of shows at the January Florida circuit, Rush goes Winners 3 days (for his third four-point major and two two-point wins), and takes two reserves to finish his AKC Championship!
FLASH! April 2017- Rush debuts in AKC Novice B obedience and earns two placements with scores of 193.5 and 195!
FLASH! June 2017- Rush aces the DPCA Working Aptitude Evaluation to earn his Register of Merit title!
FLASH! July 2017- Rush earns his Novice Jumpers title and goes on to pick up his first Open Jumpers leg the next day!
FLASH! October 2017- Rush earns his AKC CD title in obedience!
FLASH! November 2017- Rush earns his Open Jumpers title!


ADAMAS Madman Across the Water CD, RN (AKC major ptd)
Best in Sweeps winner

By GCH Vision Bring the Action v Velo x Ch ADAMAS Solar Storm RN, NAP, NJP, RATN
Whelped 7/30/15

Levon was a singleton puppy, but what a puppy he is turning out to be! 

He went to his first set of shows just shy of 7 months, and went Best of Winners for his first two points!  He is owned by Dawn and Rick Peffer of Tallahassee, FL who own ADAMAS All The Right Moves AX, AXJ, OF; and owned ADAMAS Terminal Velocity CDX, RA, NA, OAJ, NF, WAC, CGC.  Levon is co-owned by Elizabeth.

Levon is vWD DNA Clear by parentage, DCM1 Hetero Positive, DCM2 Pos Homozygous with correct mouth.

FLASH!  August 2016- Levon picks up a 4 point major at the competitive Atlanta, GA shows!
FLASH! February 2017- Levon takes back-to-back Winners for 4 singles! (Photo left)
FLASH! April 2017- Levon goes Reserve to a major at the competitive Perry, GA cluster!
FLASH! October 2017- Levon earns his CD and RN titles!



ADAMAS Full Throttle RATN, WAC (AKC ptd- singled out)
By GCHS Perfex Canis Major x CH ADAMAS Cuervo Gold CDX, RE, ROM
Whelped 2/2/16

Loki has a beautiful front assembly, dark almond eye, and fluid reach and drive.  He lives with ADAMAS The Golden Mean MX, MXJ, NF, CA with owner Sara McLarnon.

He is vWD Carrier.

FLASH! October 2016- At his second weekend of shows, Loki takes back-to-back Best of Winners, including a win under breeder-judge Pat Hastings, for his first four points!
FLASH! October 2016- Loki earns 4th out of 15 in his DPCA National 6-9 month Black dog class! Photo right.
FLASH! February 2017- In his first shows since the National, Loki takes Winners Dog twice for four more singles!
FLASH! April 2017- At the competitive Perry, GA cluster, Loki takes Winners Dog to single out, Reserve to two 5-pt majors, Reserve to a 3-pt major and Best in Sweeps!  He also earned his Barn Hunt Novice title that week!
FLASH! October 2017- At the DPCA National, Loki placed 4th in his Maturity class and 3rd in the Open Black Dog class, as well as earned his Working Aptitude Certificate!



By CH Cambria's Cactus Cash x CH ADAMAS Shooting for Eight CDX, RE, ROM, BFL-1, LC-11D
Whelped 4/14/08


Dare was a singleton puppy and hand raised by Elizabeth.  He is in the perfect home with Martha Reichold of Huntsville, AL where his working drive can be channeled into obedience, rally, agility, flyball and free style dance. 

Dare is PDK4 (DCM1) DNA Hetero Positive, Cardio Echo normal (2/15 at the University of Georgia Vet School), Holter Normal (2 PVCs/24 hrs, Alba Medical, Feb 2015). 








Dare loves his flyball tournaments!  In this picture you can tell why he's a natural for the HOTC Rocket City Racers Flyball team! 

Ready... Set... Engage Thrusters!!






As part of the HOTC Rocket City Racers Flyball team, Dare visited a kids summer camp for educational purposes.  The dog handlers talked about different breeds, their functions, and some current dog activities. Martha and Dare demonstrated their freestyle dance routine and obedience work, while others showed other obedience commands and tricks.  Then the kids' favorite part- they split into groups and everybody got to meet and pet all the dogs- Dare was in heaven!


FLASH!  June 2014- Dare earns his W-FD-MF title in his first competition in Freestyle dance, placing 2nd and 1st along the way!  Both days Martha and Dare were recognized as the team having the most fun in their routine!
FLASH!  October 2014- Dare surpasses the 10,000 pt mark to earn his Flyball Master Excellent title at the CanAm Classic Flyball Tournament!
FLASH!  December 2014- Dare earns his Agility Excellent Jumpers title!
FLASH!  September 2015- Dare earns his last leg for his Barn Hunt Novice title and a qualifying leg in Masters Jumpers!
FLASH!  March 2016- Dare earns his Barn Hunt Open title!  Later in the month he earns his W-FDX-MF title in Freestyle Dance!
FLASH! October 2016- At CanAM, Dare surpasses the 15,000 point mark to earn his Flyball Master Championship at 8 years young!




ADAMAS First Edition (AKC ptd)
By GCh Demira's Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RA, CA, ROM x CH ADAMAS All Left Turns CDX, RE, RATN
Whelped 4/19/11




A very happy, willing-to-please boy, Kilo is going into his new home to be a service dog to his owner.  He is pictured one week shy of five months.

He is owned by John and Dawn Beamon of Huntersville, NC. 






Dawn says this of Kilo, "I have to say that Kilo has brought great joy into John's and my life.  He is always ready to play, wrestle with John or lay in my lap for my comfort.  His presence in my life is such a great comfort. I brought him to church last Sunday- you would have thought he was a dignitary the way the people responded to him! He was a great icebreaker for me because I usually don't do well in crowds, but everyone wanted to pet him or talk about him. When we put on his service dog vest he is all business."

And in June 2015, Dawn went out for a walk around the park with Kilo.  When she was about a half mile away from home on the way back, Dawn passed out.  Kilo stayed with Dawn until rescue arrived at which time Kilo went straight to a police officer and then led him to Dawn, circling around her asking for help. 

I'm very proud of Kilo and his service to Dawn!






ADAMAS Game of Skill AX, AXJ, NF, CA, WAC
By GCH ADAMAS Gold Standard of Cameron WAC x Ch MACH2 ADAMAS Shake It Up MXC, MJC, MXF, T2B3, RN, CL3-F, CL3-S, ROM
Whelped 6/4/14





Rook is a happy boy who loves his life as an agility dog in Ohio with owner Gisele Jarvie.





FLASH! November 2016- Rook earns his Open Standard title!
FLASH! December 2016- Rook earns his Open Jumpers title with a first place!
FLASH! March 2017- Rook picks up his Excellent Standard and Jumpers titles!
FLASH! Sept 2017- Rook blasts through his Lure Coursing ability title!
FLASH! October 2017- Rook earns his Working Aptitude Certificate at the DPCA National!



By Multi BISS AKC/ MBIS UKC GrCH/ Int'l CH Talladega's American Thunder RN, OA, OAJ, NF, CL-3, CGC, ROM, LC-10L x CH ADAMAS Solar Storm NAP, RN
Whelped June 24, 2014




Ki is training and trialing in agility with owners Sara Kern and Douglas Morrison of The Moke Ranch in Cornville, Arizona.

FLASH! January 2017- Ki finishes his AKC Jumpers with Weaves title after having earned his first two legs with first placements at the 2016 DPCA National!
FLASH! March 2017- Ki earns his Novice Fast title!



ADAMAS Game On!  (AKC ptd)
By GCH ADAMAS Gold Standard of Cameron WAC x Ch MACH2 ADAMAS Shake It Up MXC, MJC, MXF, T2B3, RN, CL3-F, CL3-S, ROM
Whelped 6/4/14




Player is aptly named as he thinks everything is a big game!  And he'll be doing a lot of games in his home with Martha Reichold of Huntsville, AL- likely trying his paw at things like Obedience, Rally, Agility and Flyball.  Player is co-owned by Elizabeth.